Classic Salads

fresh ingredients make delicious healthy classic salads - like a cobbsmall $8.25 - large $9.25

The Classic Salad is an American lunch staple. Aside the health benefits of eating fresh salads, the diverse ingredients of a Classic Salad will fill you up without filling you out. Packed with vitamins and complex protiens, a salad like a Cobb or Steakhouse can satify without weighing you down, Plus they just plain old taste wonderful! 

We prepare our ingredients fresh, every morning, guaranteeing a light, crisp treat for your body and taste buds with every bite! 

napa valley
romaine and spring mix with grilled chicken, cranberries, walnuts, apples, bleu cheese crumbles, and celery ( 656 calories* )

the cobb
romaine with grilled chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and avocado
( 607 calories* )

romaine with bbq chicken, cheddar cheese, bacon, tomatoes, and avocado
( 648 calories* )

low carb
iceberg with turkey, salami, mozzerella, cheddar, eggs, and bacon
( 945 calories* )

romaine and spinach with grilled tofu, chow mein noodles, radishes, edamame, carrots, mushrooms
( 227 calories* )

spinach with grilled chicken, mushrooms, mandarin oranges, almonds, eggs, and bacon
( 619 calories* )

iceberg with grilled steak, red onions, bleu cheese crumbles, cucumber and tomatoes
( 482 calories* )

romaine with grilled chicken, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, jalapeños, black beans, and corn
( 525 calories* )

iceberg with salami, tomatoes, black olives, mozzarella, chickpeas, and red onion
( 568 calories* )

buffalo chicken
iceberg with buffalo chicken, carrots, celery, bleu cheese crumbles, and tomatoes
( 301 calories* )

five alarm
iceberg and romaine with spicy chicken, jalapeños, pepperoncini, serranos, and red onion
( 213 calories* )

 *calories do not include dressing and are approximate.*calories do not include dressing and are approximate.
consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodbourne illness.

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