Create Your Own Salad

black olivesYour Dream Salad = Art

It's like having anything and everything you could ever want in the salad of your dreams - and no shopping or clean-up!

Fourleaf Chopped Salads is an “interactive” salad restaurant. You tell us what fresh ingredients you would like and we get started! Your choices begin with up to 4 different greens, 50 ingredients, 20 salad dressings and 8 different meat selections, made fresh every morning. Simply tell us what you want, then we build it for you, CHOP IT for you, then mix it all together.

Cleaner, more complete, and better than any public salad bar out there!

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Premium Salads

smoked salmon salad - premium saladPremium = Affordable Deliciousness

Our Premium Salads are made with decadent ingredients that will transport you to a lunchtime vacation to salad Nirvana. We craft a bounty of fresh delicious foods that together, create more than just a salad, but an atmosphere. Excite your taste buds with a Fourleaf Premium Salad today.

small - $9.25
large - $10.25

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Classic Salads

Classic = Always in Stylefresh ingredients make delicious healthy classic salads - like a cobb

The Classic Salad is an American lunch staple. Aside the health benefits of eating fresh salads, the diverse ingredients of a Classic Salad will fill you up without filling you out. Packed with vitamins and complex protiens, a salad like a Cobb or Steakhouse can satify without weighing you down, Plus they just plain old taste wonderful! 

We prepare our ingredients fresh, every morning, guaranteeing a light, crisp treat for your body and taste buds with every bite! 

small - $8.75
large - $9.75

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6840 S. Dallas Way
(near Arapahoe & Clinton)
Greenwood Village 80112

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