About Fourleaf

Fourleaf Chopped Salads is an “interactive” salad restaurant. You tell us what fresh ingredients you would like and we get started! Your choices begin with up to 4 different greens, 50 ingredients, 20 salad dressings and 8 different meat selections, made fresh every morning. You place the order, we build it for you, CHOP IT for you, then mix it all together. Customized like no other, that I guarantee.

You also have the option to order from our menu which features 12 already strategically designed salads, including all the classics of course, in combination with new, innovative creations, proved to be delicious over years and years of honest feedback from loyal regulars.

Outside the menu

Outside the menu
Fourleaf exudes positive energy, derived predominately from the pride our staff has in providing our exceptional, top of the line customer service. Our combination of an unwillingness to be nothing short of fantastic mixed in with top of the line technology and software proves to be an equation that has created a sustainable competitive advantage for years. Of course, the lime green walls and classic surround sound tunes, doesn't hurt the overall atmosphere either.

If you are in need to be in and out, or do in fact have some time to enjoy a casual afternoon, our restaurant will more than satisfy what you are after...In a serious hurry and have a very small window due to your work schedule??? Oh we can accommodate! Order your lunch online, thru any of our three online mediums (website, Facebook, or smart phone app), and it will be ready when you arrive (all we need is a 15 minute heads-up).

Fourleaf Chopped Salads is truly a gem that has kept our customers happy for over a decade now, and is only getting better by the day...so come in and see/taste for yourself...and if you ever forget, come into our restaurant and it will instantly remind you that...